Connect your Fleet

Reducing costs and carbon footprint are key objectives for any fleet manager. Connecting your fleet with JSI Mobility's comprehensive fleet management and employee car sharing platform, managers can right-size their motor pools and significantly lower fuel, maintenace and insurance costs.

Maximize Efficiency

Aggressive driving and excessive idling constitute large quantities of wasted fuel. JSI Mobility's real-time fleet monitoring and customized alerts can help managers improve average fleet MPGs by more than 25%. Comprehensive data will provide greater understanding of vehicle deployment and demand requirements, allowing managers to maximize efficiency and right-size their fleets.

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Sustainability & Safety

In the United States, nearly 33% of all GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions come from cars, trucks, and SUVs. With JSI Mobility™, managers can significantly reduce GHG emissions by identifying fuel wasting driving behaviors, such as excessive idling and aggressive driving. By better monitoring vehicles, driving behaviors and routes, fleet managers can minimize liability associated with theft, unauthorized use, aggressive driving, and high-risk corridors.

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Employee Car Sharing

Activate any vehicle for employee car sharing and improve fleet efficiency and reduce inventory with fewer administrative requirements. With JSI OnDemand™, authorized employees can Reserve, Grab & Go in a carshare vehicle using just their mobile phone. JSI Admin™ is our cloud-based carshare management software allowing administrators to monitor reservations, vehicle access and whereabouts, 24/7.

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Powerful Features

Never lose site of your fleet, 24/7 tracking, including historical trip data.
Receive instant alerts via email and mobile when drivers are speeding, improperly using the vehicle, have a collision, or violate your established driving criteria.
Establish a perimeter and receive an alert when a vehicle goes beyond the perimeter boundary.
All the data you need to efficiently run your fleet is continuously collected.
Improve the health of your fleet with battery status monitoring, receipt of maintenance alerts and review of data on driving behavior.
Mobile and web app allow any vehicle to be activated for departmental and employee car sharing.

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