About The Company

JustShareIt™ was founded by automotive industry professionals and transportation geeks who are transforming the way automobiles are rented and shared.

The market for car rental and car sharing has never been more competitive. Advances in technology and social media are changing the way that customers reserve, access and use cars, and in the process disrupting traditional business models. Customers want easy, on-demand access to vehicles, at any time, for any duration, and in any location. Car rental and car sharing organizations need to provide the flexible solutions to deliver what customers want, while differentiating themselves from the growing number of competitors.

JustShareIt, Inc. is dedicated to delivering leading solutions for on-demand, unattended, anytime, anywhere car rental and car sharing. JSI Mobility™, our state-of-the-art mobile and web platform, transforms the process of renting and sharing vehicles so you can maximize your vehicle utilization, increase revenue from each vehicle and provide a great customer experience. You've worked hard to build your organization; regardless of the size of your fleet, JSI Mobility enables you to compete!

Looking to the future, JustShareIt is building a universally accessible open marketplace in which organizations can list their available vehicles and customers can easily search and reserve the car they want, when they want it, where they want it, and how long they need it. The JSI Marketplace - justshareit.com - is a great distribution channel that will increase your organization's visibility and help you gain increased access to new and existing customers.

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